1. site with complex technical diagrams (artwork for abstract XML/XSD fillers)
  2. docflex_xml
  3. web services frameworks
  4. Apache CXF Apache Camel
  5. Finding dependencies of jars in Java
  6. tattletale
  7. Make's successor
  8. tup beats the crap out of Make. See also: make vs. tup
  9. build-time tool that produces libraries for Java web services
  10. Enunciate appears too good to be true.
  11. best pythonic library for HTTP
  12. The cleanest and most comprehensive library at the time of this writing appears to be Python Requests.
  13. graphical component library for JavaScript
  14. wijmo from component one (which also provides bindings for knockout.js).
  15. JavaScript future-oriented keywords
  16. knockout.js, typescript (Microsoft), view-model/model-view, observable model.
  17. automated web testing
  18. Sikuli is another way to automate screen navigation based on image recognition. Selenium is implemented as a Firefox plugin and only works there, mechanize is a fairly low-level python library that doesn't however emulate the browser and doesn't give you access to the socket, an alternative would be the python-requests library
  19. python XML parsing
  20. Use python-lxml
  21. software stack and approaches for open-source SOA
  22. jQuery UI with Backbone.js for MVC pattern and REST-based web services for the business logic using JAX-RS (Java API for RESTful Web Services). Also, using JPA by directly authoring the object model and deriving the DB schema. Vaadin results in a stack whose thickness is comparable or maybe thicker than GWT. It is not advisable for more than a few dozen users. Apache Lucene results can be cached. Fluid and responsive web design.
  23. web browsing scripting, regression/stress-testing
  24. database modelling
  25. architect liquibase erwin
  26. web stress testing
  27. Funkload
  28. UI modelling
  29. Balsamiq
  30. load balancing
  31. nginx
  32. LDAP viewers
  33. JXplorer and Apache Directory Studio (the latter being better as it enforces the class definitions)
  34. code scrutinizers