How to verify or change the admin password in JBoss EAP 6.2

The admin console typically runs in port 9090. You may from time to time forget or need to verify the password. An MD5 hash of the password (but not just the password, actually the string username:realm:password) is kept in file (see below).

To verify the password use the following:

$ grep ^admin /some/dir/jboss-eap-6.2/standalone/configuration/
$ echo -n 'admin:ManagementRealm:some-password-you-guess' | md5sum
93cc6b1780535809a9e3efb983cc8a1e  - 
… when you've successfully guessed the password for the user admin in the ManagementRealm realm the two values will match.

To change the password use the utility in the bin directory. You will be prompted for the username and if you enter an existing one (e.g. admin) you will be allowed to change the password.